More Than 35 Examples

9 09 2008

In late July, Aaron Uhrmacher, posted 35+ Examples of Corporate Social Media in Action at Mashable Social Networking News. I’ve been meaning to write about this post for awhile now.

This is an extremely valuable collection of stories you may find very helpful in sharing with clients and prospects. Most of us have few examples, if any that we can share, of how companies have used social media to their benefit. What’s more, this post offers a wonderful range of ways companies used it to underscore their particular brand.

If you have clients who are hesitant about engaging in social media, send them the link. No pressure, just send it as an FYI and see how they respond. For the PR agency pros out there, read the examples, commit your favorites to memory, and use them to illustrate your point the next time you’re speaking to a prospect or client about social media. Finally, and arguably most important of all, send this link to your colleagues and schedule a brown bag lunch to discuss the content, identify your favorites, and shape your own point of view.

What are your favorites?

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Make Consumer Interaction Easy

3 07 2008

It turns out that police departments across the country are beginning to embrace new methods for obtaining important crime tips, which are aimed at giving younger folks more comfort and anonymity in reporting crimes. Here is a great article on the trend.

It’s a reminder that most businesses need to continually evolve how they interact with their target audiences to achieve their goals. No longer can we expect them to spend time and energy to overcome obstacles to show up at our proverbial doors. We need to join the lines of communication that they’re already comfortable with and using and become active participants in creating dialog where they are.

Chances are good that a number of your consumers text, microblog, read blogs, write blogs, connect with friends, connect with professionals, and on and on and on. Find out where they are and think about ways you can join the conversation with them in meaningful ways. Make it easy for them to share their opinions, knowledge, dreams and frustrations with your brand and a lot of them will take you up on it.

There is wonderful power in the opportunities that are presented when we make it easier for others to communicate with us. Just ask criminals in Boston, Louisville, Tampa, Seattle, and Detroit.

How has your company or client changed the ways they interact with consumers recently?

Social Media Wars

29 05 2008

Following up on my past post, I saw this video and thought it really captured the essence of how social media is affecting our personal brand identities and experience of reality. It also features a cameo by my friend (and yours) Tom Anderson. Enjoy!