Relentless Thanks For June!

30 06 2008

At the beginning of each month, we thank all those who contributed to the previous month’s conversation in one form or another by expressing our gratitude with recognition and links to your blogs. With a late May start, this was our first full month of posting. The blogging team is growing and thanks to you, so is our readership.

On behalf of all of us at relentlessPR, we express our relentless thanks to:

Todd Andrlik, Gavin Heaton, Drew McClellan, Darryl Ohrt, Kami Huyse, Martin Lynch, Kevin O’Keefe, Kim Banks, Dana Harville, Nicole Berard, Paul Ritchie, David Mullen, Chris Brogan, Scott Baradell, Sherrilynne Starkie, Lara Kretler, Susan Iskiwitch, Angie Chaplin, Walter Stevenson, Tyler Hurst, Kristen Smith, Terry Morawski, Phil Gomes, Robert French, Ruth Seeley, Sharon Bond, Josh Morgan, Barbara B. Nixon, Todd Defren, and Joyce Lofstrom.


June Contributions And Comments

29 06 2008
It was a very active month here at relentlessPR.  We’re continually adding new members to the blogging team who will relentlessly offer their insights on a broad range of communication issues.  Thanks for all you do to inspire our writing and offer comments that truly make for lively conversation.   

That said, as many of you know, our first post following a month of conversation is dedicated to thanking all those who in some way contributed to the prior month’s positive dialogue. (Here’s what it looked like last month.) If you’d like to comment on any of our conversations from June, we’d love your insights, and of course you’ll be thanked for your generous contribution with a link to your blog.  The end of the month is coming quickly.  We look forward to your comments!

Relentless Thanks!

1 06 2008

Each month, to express our gratitude for your generous contributions to our conversation, we’ll recognize each of you, encourage you to keep coming back, and ask that you invite your friends and colleagues to join us at relentlessPR. We extend our relentless thanks to all of you who contributed in some way to our conversation since our official start on May 19th:

Jim Anderson, Larry Bodine, Tom Kane, More Partner Income, Rjon Robins, Jenny Love, Michelle Golden, Kevin O’Keefe, Jim Calloway, Dr. Alan Freitag, Leo Bottary, Stacia, Boyd Neil, Eric Eggertson, Marc Rapp, Liza Jones, Dan Hull, Todd Andrlik, Maria Palma, Martin Lynch, Ed Lee, David Mullen, Chris Brogan, Scott Baradell, Sherrilynne Starkie, Amanda Chapel, Lara Kretler, Susan Iskiwitch, Kelli Matthews, Matt Kucharski, and Kami Huyse.

On to June!