For The Love Of Bread

22 05 2008

Yep. That’s me, Tony Labriola. Dressed as a loaf of bread outside the TODAY Show to launch the Grains for Life campaign for the Grain Foods Foundation a few years ago. From a public relations perspective, dressing like a food group is more than just a publicity stunt. It is a primordial approach to public relations and a reminder that influence is a very personal thing. Working on the street, you can feel the visceral enthusiasm people have (or don’t have) for your message. And it’s never a bad thing to entice a crowd to chant “I love bread!” in front of your client.

As PR professionals working within the larger communications context, we are part of an increasingly complex communications architecture. In our hyper-connected world, in which all communications disciplines are interconnected and co-dependent; it is up to us to recognize, and help our clients understand, the symbiosis that exists between traditional communications programs and new opportunities that are emerging, changing, growing and evaporating on a daily basis to directly influence consumers in very personal and potentially profound ways.

To help clients get a visual handle on this new world order, we’ve established The New Marketing Ecosystem. No doubt, it is a tall order to capture all the possible ways to directly and indirectly enable interaction between consumers and brands. But we gave it a shot.

The pace of change is so fast that the Ecosystem evolves on a daily basis. Like any ecosystem, it is comprised of living, breathing organisms that continually evolve. Yet it serves as a valuable tool to help clients understand the complexity of the world in which we all work. Like anything new, it has elicited an immediate response – both internally and externally. Some people love it. Some don’t get it. Some are scared by what they see.

Over the next few months, I’ll explore different aspects of the Ecosystem and the interrelationships between what we do as a relentless PR group and various nodes that reside inside and outside Mullen. In the meantime, I welcome your take on the model and your own experiences in leading clients and internal constituents through your own versions of the Ecosystem. And, maybe I’ll even share some more pictures of me dressed up like food.