Where is Dee Dee?

4 06 2008

Dee Dee Myers has shown the ultimate restraint by remaining quiet and hidden as her hubby, Todd Purdum, trashes her former boss to further his own career. In the much ballyhooed Vanity Fair article, “The Comeback Id,” Purdum asks of Bill Clinton in a way meant to insult, “What’s wrong with him?”

I’m wondering what’s wrong with Purdum that he doesn’t mind sullying her reputation as former White House press secretary to get a story.

And so far, we’ve not heard a word from Dee Dee.

Since the story broke the camp of actress, Gina Gershon, has demanded a retraction, but Vanity Fair is playing dumb too. The Chicago Tribune reports, “A call to the New York office of Vanity Fair for comment Monday night was not immediately returned.”

All I want to know is what do Todd and Dee Dee talk about at the dinner table?